zaterdag 29 juli 2017

Energy Update ~ Tiffany Stiles

Tiffany Stiles
29 july,
Energy Report Update~
DNA upgrades in progress!
Muscle aches today as cells compress for densities to further rise up and out. Destructive, and dysfunctional patterns of relationships coming up for review... and to break. This will create new, healthy relationships to enter your life as the old ones fall away. Be open to the new as the old is released out of your field. Chiron (The Wounded Healer), which is in Retrograde until December 5th, is assisting in this process.

As we inch closer to the lunar eclipse on the 7th, these energies will escalate and expedite this process. On August 8th the 8:8 Lion's Gate aligns with Sirius, the galatic center and the Great Pyramid of Giza. We are in the 8:8 Lion's Gate portal of matter and anti-matter now. And this will continue to further progress DNA upgrades, Light Body Merkaba Activations and Mastery Application Key Codes. It will continue waking those who consciously/subconsciously sleep. As this alignment takes place, inner crystalline Earth begins spinning faster clockwise. Outer Earth, in connection with the already activated crystalline grid, spins faster counter clockwise. This creates a portal in this specific 8:8 Lion's Gate alignment for matter and anti-matter to enter.
Grid Keepers, Lightworkers and Star Seeds will step into this portal on August 8th to further anchor this Energy here to continue Gaia's Ascension, and her inhabitants to 5th dimensional awareness and higher.
During this time, your ability to manifest your reality will happen at lightening speed. Remain optimistic about the changes that are occuring in your life. Remain focused on your positive intentions to manifest for your highest good. The energy will continue to escalate for rapid changes to occur in your life. Trust that all that occurs is setting you up for your true, and proper alignment for your next phase in your evolution and personal ascension journey.
This is my favorite time of year! Exciting times upon us all!

Much Love and Light,
~Tiffany ~

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