zondag 13 augustus 2017



As we surrender the human consciousness more and more while dropping our held resistances, a new multidimensional operating system is able to over-ride the human design.

In this biological morphogenesis, the nervous system is being rebuilt. We are receiving a new electrical system that is wired differently so that we can operate from different grids of attunement and vibrate faster.
This can be extremely intense, especially with those people who are neurologically sensitive or in others who have imbalances in the physical, emotional or mental bodies.
These types of changes always come with phases of detoxification. It can be both physical and energetic as we constantly clear out the old database that upholds fear programming.

When we are changing so fast, calm strength and stillness in the body greatly supports electrical system upgrade.

The good news is, the body knows how to go through mutation. Our human blueprint has been designed to change and evolve. This is encoded in our DNA. Our bodies are beautifully equipped with natural evolutionary mechanisms that are influenced and guided by a higher power.

Interference can come in, though, through our phases of detoxification in the awakening process. We can also come up against blockages from our own misaligned thoughts, feelings and behaviors that run contrary to the body’s natural course.
It is a known fact that when the nervous system is calm and relaxed, the body’s self-repair mechanisms function at their best.
A constantly changing cellular structure also requires constant recalibration of our flows of energy. Recalibration means to give the body space for it to settle into new coordinates as it shifts and changes.
If you feel antsy, frazzled or are running a mile a minute with difficulty to remain still, these are clues that maybe you need to take some time out for some good nervous system nurturance. Salt baths, getting out into nature are two great ways to quickly recalibrate.
A changing body definitely depends upon a healthy nervous and endocrine system. This requires that the brain and spinal cord function properly through clear transmissions of nerve impulses through the entire body. This is why it is so important to be in tune with your changing body at all times so that you can respond at a moment’s notice to what adjustments may be needed.
Do your very best to release any and all toxicities, artificial stimulants, over processed foods and stress from your life. Limit the body’s exposure to negativity. Avoid addictions especially the ones that go unnoticed such as sugar, food, alcohol, addictions to drama and arguing. These things will only frazzle the new circuitry. Getting plenty of sunshine, fresh air, fresh water and good rest is a must.

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