woensdag 2 augustus 2017


All of that old unconscious programming, rearing it's "ugly head"... continually "until it's completely dead"....

These frequencies hold all accountable, and as higher selves, we do to. There is no right/wrong/good/bad (duality game), there is fully conscious (higher heart-mind, unity-love-respect-consideration), totally responsible for our own actions, thoughts, human'ness, energy or unconscious (linear-head-duality-control-lack of everything kind/respectful allowed to run the show). WE bring the unconscious into consciousness through unifying/unity love. Anything less is unconscious (not respect-love).

The imposing head-human lacks consideration and forethought through the heart, it lacks in many ways, too many to list here... it loves to play the old head-games of making someone the "bad guy" in scenarios and it loves to be the victim, not realizing any of this is going on, because when one's heart is closed, they cannot see these things and are playing in the old mindset games still....

Passive Aggressive Narcissism... we all had this program at some point in time. There might be remnants left that come up to clear, appearing in our exterior reality each time. I know that in the early days of unconsciousness, exposed to extreme narcissism, I learned to played this game to a "T", then when it came time to wake up, I called forth others who represented this hellish unconscious aspect of me, this old program, from every perspective.... sometimes to make me the bad guy, sometimes I played the "bad guy", the manipulator of feelings, trying to get others to react a certain way... doesn't matter... it's a program, and once we become conscious and open our hearts, we stop playing this game, either as the perpetrator or the one allowing it to play out.... this program is inside each one of us in some way. Our roles will change all along the way until all of this is completely transcended by each one of us, fully from within.  

Through the years I would call others to me that held passive aggressive manipulation still. Over the years of entering into the initiatory phases of Divine Masculine (and then God/Source/Creator Conscious later), and Sirian Embodiment, then I was the one that had to recognize this and bring all to a halt, and where possible, back into love (yet always through love). Where the energy "out there" was strong, where the person was unconscious/resistant/fighting (heart-mind-energy closed off/resistance inside), then I had to "deal" (respond appropriately energetically) with the energy that was being projected out, brought into my world, imposed upon me/my reality and all that I was here to be/do too. I had to get okay with being "the bad guy", because where there is ego, there is duality, and the dualistic human ego will push/force us to hold all accountable, take responsibility and it's not always pretty, but often necessary to break the old programming, if LOVE, Respect, consideration, openness, kindness, acknowledgement of our own actions and shifting everything to a higher vibrational timeline to resolve through love cannot yet occur. 

Passive aggressive ego LOVES to create situations/realities where there is failure/wrong/not enough/judgement/blame (game). I spent years breaking this programming within myself and to see it playing out "out there". We call all out on the carpet, we hold all accountable and we no longer entertain/play this unconscious game. 

Every time we are ready to shift to a much higher timeline, old energy programs "will come back around". The remnant programming held within our own cellular structures activate them to play out there, when it's time for us to move into a vibrational timeline where this does not exist anymore. I've been observing collectives and those "dealing with their own realities" in order to bring all into alignment intentionally now, instead of re-entering an unconscious program to continue to play out until it collapses/can be dissolved and re-structured according to NEW Earth codes/energies.... and we can do this ourselves. It's beautiful, yet all have to be open or this can create a "dimensional rift", which will dissolve when/as the ego does and all hearts are fully open again. ♥

I write this because there is to be an increase of this with these collective clearings and transitions into PURITY, which exist beyond the "old". You may see more of this becoming visible, because y/our own programs that were dormant are being activated to clear and they often appear in your physical reality in order to do this. If you are aware, conscious and fully accountable, fully responsible for what you are creating, allowing, participating in, what energy you are supporting, then you can choose which timeline you desire to exist in now. You can dissolve the old easier, you can "gift responsibility" to each, you can choose to shift all from inside you and allow those in your own reality to VIBRATIONALLY MATCH THIS....

Observing ego separation surfacing in many, as their "control" falls away, as their world reality goes into collapse/restructuring more to bring them into a higher timeline too, often does not occur until the resistance-ego gets huge. Your ability/gift is the gift of awareness, the gift of saying no, the gift of not participating in chaotic distractions that can spin out if you get caught up in ego-driven realities again.

The ego loves to blame, loves distractions from exposing/opening their hearts to bare/show their soul, holds all at a distance, creates barriers of non-trust, loves to hold power over others and isn't capable of taking responsibility without blame/judgment/guilt. Here we just take responsibility. It is that simple. We hold ourselves accountable and everyone in our reality too. Human-ego-aspect don't like this part at all. There's no wiggle room, no where to go when the spotLIGHT shines on their ego/separation/fears/disrespect and inability to open up to communicate and share.  

You will see aggressive ego emerge when you stop giving your power away. You will see passive aggressive ego emerge when aggressive ego doesn't work or when ones still operating from their head are pushed to open their hearts to connect on a Soul Level more. It's a protection mechanism to keep others at a distance and not have to go deeper inward to see/deal. Unfortunately, for the human-ego-aspect, that doesn't work here. 

Passive-aggressive-ego is "harder" to detect/see (for awhile, then it's blatant and obvious too, once it's no longer our program and just a remnant to be cleared). I remember in the beginning how confusing this was, a mix of ego masculine and ego feminine all weaved into one. No tell-tell traits at first, until I understand the difference between my own open heart, open mind, higher mind, higher heart, closed heart/mind and could "see" the ENERGY as it presented, instead of needing continual experiences 'to get it'. One I realized that if it appeared in my own reality that it was mine, then I started clearing this within me and then dealing with it in my own physical reality world. I stopped participating, stopped allowing and I started RE-EDUCATING those around me as to what was acceptable behavior AS LOVE for each other here. 

I started re-educating through LOVE, what I would tolerate/allow and what I would not. What was respectful to us both/all and what was not, what was considerate and what was not, what was kindness and what was not, what was UNITY and what was not.... because I was standing as LOVE for myself and my entire reality and those in my world too.... and not playing the duality reality anymore. Once I chose UNITY and LOVE, then those who wanted to be in MY WORLD had to come from this place too and if they determined that they could not, then I would respect their need to go do their reality somewhere else until they could. Because they chose through their actions, energy, words.... in how they treated me/those in my reality world and themselves.... 

As a human, we don't love and respect ourselves. We don't treat ourselves with kindness and everyone else in our world. We don't take responsibility for our ENERGY and what we are transmitting out, we don't care about anyone outside of our self, because we do not yet have the capability to do so, yet our Soul does.... but our heart & mind have to open for this to fully occur and the resistance/fight/stories have to be let go.... 

As a Higher Self, we hold ourselves accountable and everyone/everything in our own reality/world. As we do, all becomes easier, because everyone holds themselves accountable too. There is a "dividing line" between Old Earth and NEW. It's our own consciousness and our ability to TRULY CARE ENOUGH to stop playing the old games and shift into a reality of trust, respect and love. Our head does not have this capability, yet our heart does. We are the ones that have to choose, and hold our little human accountable from this point forward and let the rest go. 

Open up loves.... see your own programs/stuff, your own energy of what you are creating and the scenarios you keep playing in. There is going to be a huge expulsion of energy that will "test" everyone's ability to maintain full consciousness. EVERY PROGRAM will exacerbate as it needs to clear. We've entered into a STRUCTURAL COLLAPSE of all of the old systems that cannot operate anymore. There is a NEW STRUCTURE built on love, NEW EARTH, ALWAYS AVAILABLE if you desire to shift vibrationally and open up. 

NEW EARTH... you cannot bring those old programs with you to be here fully. This is an immense passageway where the deepest buried programs are activating to purify/clear/cleanse cellular memory... and it will play out if you allow it to until all of that energy is gone..... Your physical realities will be affected by way of portals opening/closing, opportUNITY presenting itself and yes, sometimes going, because you were not ready vibrationally yet... Sometimes these portals open up again later, sometimes you close them completely. Others will open when you've reached the vibration within you to open them up again, often in a whole different timeline, not as the previous one was.... 

Understanding how portals and passageways work is KEY here. Understanding how to open them and close them if necessary is just one of our abilities/gifts here. The more aligned we are inside, the more we can open these ourselves, hold them open, share them and close them if they no longer support the current/highest timeline, which moves at the SPEED OF LIGHT now. Timelines present, then they dissolve, if unity-love-consciousness is not fully present all of the time here. Another timeline will present to shift to, as we are ready, as we resolve/dissolve all "old" and shift vibrationally ourselves, integrate the immense light activating daily now. WE can shift into a whole new timeline in one split second and all previous timelines can dissolve.... 

The human-mind-body cannot comprehend or handle "constantly shifting timelines", because they are fixed to something, still holding onto something that doesn't fit into the new current timeline here. 

Energetic - holographic - realities are very different than fixed ones like before. The ENERGY PRESENT DICTATES the reality, and if we are completely tuned in/in tune, then we hear/see/feel the energy and we shift it ourselves.... therefore shifting the entire timeline intentionally into a different completely different one.... instantaneously, in the blink of an eye... reality changed/gone/new.... it is that fast, because these are Quantum Realities and Existences that are not bound to the physical anything anymore.

Deep fears and safety/protection mechanisms have been triggered by the Kundalini activation last week. This is working through everything unconscious still, on a cellular level and will "play out out there", if you let it. I've found myself "nipping old programs in the bud, calling them out on the carpet and assisting others with shifting this in their reality too. Haven't had to do that in awhile. Those old programs are "back" (remnants on a cellular level), so we can all move/shift to a MUCH higher timeline collectively as this passageway this month concluded. 

HARMONIC RE-ALIGNMENT ---- bringing all into Harmony in all new ways. This is a biggie for us all. See your own programs and clear them yourselves. It's not as hard as it was before. Now we have full consciousness capABILITIES. It's up to each one of us to "use" this ourselves. ♥

I love you! Happy magical everything. Every moment is beyond POWERFUL now! ∞ Sirian Energies are "no bullchit" energies (through LOVE). We have a whole month of this... guess what that means? Yep, you've got it! LOVE ♥

p.s. Your head is not a team player, your heart is. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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