zaterdag 19 augustus 2017


Energy Report Update~ by Tiffany Stiles

Dear Beautiful Souls,
You may have noticed I have pulled back a bit this month. I know going into the month of August every year it is a massive clearing, and convergence of higher crystalline frequencies that occur. For me, in the month of August especially, I must take time for introspection to continue clearing out old programs. These are tied to me through linear dates that still were triggering me emotionally to finally clear that old sludge and release it from my system. My birthday on August 7th has always held painful memories. My deceased husband's birthday fell two days after mine on the 9th, and our wedding anniversary exactly one week after my birthday on the August 14th. The month of August has always been an extremely important month to me as each year I push through more and more. Clear more and more. Hold and anchor more and more higher frequency/dimensional reality. I do every month, but more so in July/August every single year.

There are always major astrological events that occur in August such as; the eclipses, The Lion's Gate, planets in Retrograde, that push us all to realign ourselves to our complete soul authenticity. That purposely bring up things to purge and release. This is an ongoing practice that never stops as the soul is ancient, and there are many encodements, and old programmings/realities that need to be broken down and broken free from. The key is, as these surface we honor it, and do the work necessary to break free from old matrix programming. If we do this inner work, we reap magnificent rewards of higher crystalline frequencies, DNA upgrades, new cellular encodements upgrades and downloads and continue to evolve on our ascension journey individually and collectively on New Earth. As we increase in vibrational frequency continually, new realities present themselves, higher dimensions present themselves, and parallel universes present themselves for us to see and play in daily. Humans are being brought back online with their metaphysical gifts, and abilities to use in Service to Others. It is a Magical Bliss that occurs on a daily basis! Everyday I am in awe of the beauty and magical synchrnonicities that occur. Being connected with all of you beautiful souls all over the world gives me the higher perspective that this shift has already occurred and we are experiencing New Earth already. Each is connected through the crystalline grid and telepathically as we seem to give each other what we need at the exact right time we need it. That IS being connected through the crystalline grid of light and love.

As we begin to gain our connection back to Source and Universal Alignment, all begins to open up. All becomes effortless, beautiful, peaceful, loving, and abundance is unlimited as we physically create what we need by holding and anchoring higher dimensional frequencies. Even as things still surface for us to deal with, we move much quicker through it than ever before from our higher self.
Our interactions when we step out into the public become synchrnonistic meetings that are Magical, Beautiful and hold great purpose. We have complete strangers walk up, sit down and start talking as if we've known them all our lives. At the end of the conversation, it is clear why the meeting occured.

How we choose to spend our energy and time becomes very focused and purposeful. If we are processing our own junk, we take a step back, and be responsible for the energy we bring into any other space. It isn't meant to be shared at that level, but processed and transmuted on an individual level. And then once cleared, we share the higher vibrational frequency energies of unconditional love and light with others and through the collective grid.

Many are still densely anchored in 3D duality, and polarity, and their realities are what is playing out in political arenas, sporting events, racial divisions, etc.. They see the world in this awful, chaotic state at the time. I see what is going on, and I know what is going on, but I do not lend my energy, time or focus to that matrix timeline. It is solely driven on fear, and the conquer and divide mentality on purpose, specifically for That purpose. To keep humanity separated, divided, and conquered. A lot of this is portrayed through news media, but you are rarely if ever, shown all of the positive, most beautiful things that ARE indeed occuring all over this planet now. And there are many! I choose to lend my energy, time and focus to all of the fantastic and magical synchrnonicities I encounter each day. The part of the collective who has shifted to higher vibrational frequency and done the work within, and continues to do so daily while loving, and supporting one another. I choose not to partake in drama or duality, or negative media news.

You will encounter those who are densely anchored in 3D (fear) who keep trying to pull you back, suck you in, distract you from your soul purpose and mission, and siphon your energy. You are here to assist them in breaking free, stepping outside of their comfort zones, teaching them, and loving them through it. Sometimes from a distance, and sometimes up close and personal. Those who remain stuck in victim mentality, co-dependency, who refuse to do the inner work necessary to heal and move forward and progress. Sometimes those need a firm push to get moving, to wake up, to remember their own divine spark. We plant seeds, and watch them grow, blossom and evolve, while allowing each their own journey and path. We do not give all of the answers, but teach to seek within, as each holds the keys and answers for themselves. Others have completely fallen out of our new realities based on our higher vibrational frequencies, and that is fine. That is okay, and that is necessary.

By holding gratitude in our hearts, even through the most difficult, challenging times, we shift, we TRANSMUTE and we increase further in frequency.

As we approach the Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st, we have calm days to continue integration with crystalline frequencies continuing to activate Merkaba, clear the chakra channel and activate kundalini. When we enter the 21st, we ramp up as the ecplise occurs. We shift, realign and reach convergence to higher dimensional realities more. The portals that open at Zero Point allow the reset button to happen immediately. We receive higher diamond codes that activate more of our DNA structure, cellular structure and molecular biology. We shift more!

Be sure to stay grounded. Be out in nature as much as possible, hold an anchor your Higher dimensional awareness. And honor you through the whole Beautiful process that is about to occur.

Sending much Love, Light and Blessings to you on your continued journey.

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