vrijdag 18 mei 2018

Gateway Opening Has Begun....Lisa Transcendence Brown♥

Gateway Opening Has Begun....


Picture Gateways have activated and started to open up.... I'll be writing/sharing (where available) as we flow/go/shift/acclimate/anchor/expand...... The last few days we were moving tons out, before this next phase could begin. Uranus in Taurus, in addition to everything else... a huge "Tides are Turning" as waves and waves and waves of massive, powerful Cosmic Frequencies unleash, unanchor, unravel and all takes "new form" through each's own higher/highest dimensional access/application/implementation in their own realities/lives, from within their own physical bodies.... Stabilization/Balancing from DEEP within is KEY (KEYCODE), so prepare to expand/jump and HOLD NEW EARTH REALITIES with everything you've got too! I love you! ♥

Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers/Bridgers/Stabilizers/Frequency Holders/Anchor Points.... here.... we.... goooooooooo. ♥

WE are just "beginning" to open up (over night and this morning upon waking)... time to get busy/started and for many, go to sleep to wake up/dissolve those veils of amnesia and open up access to what was "closed off" (disconnected by way of each's closed heart/mind).... so each can feel, see, understand and EXPERIENCE all new exquisiteness in every moment here.
Honor your body.... nature, nurture, rest... it takes BEYOND all of our ENERGY to accomplish these huge feats....

High charging photons and electromagnetics are how we are starting out thus far, after waves and waves and waves of "lifting" and re-balancing (body-field) energies... opening hearts of beautiful SOULs incarnate here to HOLD LOVE... in order to make a difference and SHIFT EVERYTHING out of the "old" and into the new..... So very much love, appreciation and gratitude for each one of you TOO! ♥
Lisa Transcendence Brown

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