zondag 11 juni 2017


Gepubliceerd op 10 jun. 2017
Good morning and aloha BE-YOU-ti-FUL love family!!!

Straight out of bed to capture and didn't have time to grab the tripod to set it up, so there's some shaking while I moved/walked to capture the birds singing, playing and in the distant background is the ocean, with raindrops falling from the roof. The Crystalline Mist covering the mountain disappeared towards the end....

Lighter Density Physical Realities are soft and pristine, fully alive and beautifully exquisite. Plasma Crystalline atmospheres replace the old dense ones we used to live in/held... as we release/clear/cleanse/purify the lower vibrations inside of us, as our bodies molecular structure changes, as we expand our consciousness to exist in the UNIFIED FIELD of Love, as we transcend all external influences by intentionally shifting ourselves, our physical reality changes to match our new frequency and deliver the most amazing physical realities to us.

Breathe it through you and REMEMBER fully again... let those veils of amnesia dissolve for your heart to open fully again. Activate your Cellular Body and Higher Consciousness Crystalline LightBody DNA..... FEEL it .... Open up all of the way.... It's time to anchor more Heaven on Earth by BEing your highest aspect of you through the Embodiment of your own PURE SOUL... now.

I love you. Have a most magical everything!!! This is a POWERFUL PASSAGEWAY that culminates when we complete this gateway initiations to transition to much higher timelines again! Integrate integrate integrate, anchor anchor anchor and HOLD THESE HIGHEST TIMELINES IN PLACE. Keep expanding your consciousness. It's most important for us all!

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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