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Jennifer Hoffman – May’s Mayhem is over in one sense, but its aftershocks will be felt in June and through the rest of this year. One big aspect of June will be the karma shifts and endings, due to the increasing amounts of energy we have been receiving and grounding. Our desire for a shift in the energetic narrative is supported this month, so keep those lights shining because the more brightly you shine, the more energy you are open to receiving. June is a month for releasing those final dregs of the past and using your power of intention to create the foundation for your new 5D life, as Light Beacons. You may see more people leaving your life but they will be replaced as we say good-bye our karmic families and hello to our energetic families.

One big thing that happens in June is Jupiter, which has been retrograde since February, finally goes direct. Jupiter rules philosophy, luck, blessings, religion, law, publishing, and higher thought so its retrograde was a big factor in the decisions we had to make during the last 5 months. We have also had extensive retro activity since January so you may feel extra motivated to start moving forward now, without the baggage of the past.

June also begins with all of the zodiac signs represented, with a planet in every sign, except Virgo. We have double representation in Pisces, with Neptune and Chiron, but I believe that Chiron should rule Virgo and in Pisces it’s the opposite of Virgo so technically we could count that as Virgo (sorry, I digress here). Two planets, Venus and Mercury, will be in their signs of rulership, Taurus and Gemini, making them extra powerful and significant this month. Mars goes into Cancer, a sign where it is not as active (it’s a fire planet in a water sign) but this is great because we have all of the pieces in motion to spread the 5D light around. Think of an orchestra with all of the instruments playing and the loudest instrument (Mars) is being quieted or toned down (not silenced or terminated or eliminated), so it doesn’t dominate the conversation.

Let’s talk about the end of karma, a significant energy in June. More to the point, it’s the end of the energy that supports karma, karmic cycles, and karmic group dynamics. This was our soul mission for this lifetime and we have been working on this assignment for a very long time, with little success. We had engaged our karmic teachers (especially the mother energy) to convince them that ending the karma between us was a good thing.

How did that work out for us? For many, it led to unsatisfying, painful, dramatic, tense, and often very challenging relationships. We tried to ‘love’ our karmic partners into releasing karma, to dim our own lights so we would not outshine them, we tried to include them in our energy by lowering our energy boundaries, but it never worked out as we thought it would.

Rather than being loving, accepting, and grateful for our work, they were resistant, rejected us, and often treated us very badly. We didn’t lose or fail, it’s time for us to approach this from a more energetically sovereign, self-empowered perspective. We will do this in a much different way this month because of two important things.

First, we are at a turning point in our lives, deciding what kind of energy we want to embody and at the point where we can no longer prioritize what others need and want above our own wants and needs.

Second, the energy gaps between those who want to remain in 3D and those who want to move forward into 5D are so big that we can no longer resolve them by lowering our energy boundaries to accommodate others. Once we step onto the 4D bridge, we cannot go back to 3D, we must continue to move forward. We don’t leave anyone behind, we just remove ourselves and our energy from their energy fields so they can make their own choices.

This is not ‘cruel and unusual punishment’, it is another way the Universe works in absolutes and everyone has energetic sovereignty and gets to make their own choices. When we uplift or sustain others with our energy we become their crutch. And they don’t learn to find their own energy source. Once we remove our energy support they have to seek their own sources of energy and they need to, that is part of their energetic sovereignty.

So, what’s going on this month? First is the end to Jupiter’s retrograde, which is big. Next, we have the nodes firmly established in Leo/Aquarius, which began in May but is another step in a cycle from 1997 to April 2000. We began the new millennium with such big hopes and dreams, which have not materialized for us but we had to go through the last 17 years of growth to arrive at where we are now. And the nodes were in Leo/Aquarius on January 1, 2000. It’s a step back into the past so we can take a big leap into the future.

Saturn, the cosmic teacher and disciplinarian, is the big focus this month as it is going to be very active in challenging aspects with all of the personal planets all month. So expect more of the karmic balancing to happen in preparation for the big activity in September, when all of the personal planets, including the Sun, will be in Virgo around the 23rd.

One important astro aspect this month is Mercury’s placement in Gemini, the sign it rules. While it is the sign that rules short trips, communication, and transportation, I have always believed Mercury’s connection to karma is vastly underrated. It governs karma that we begin our life with and we resolve it in the sign of Virgo (which makes Chiron a better ruler of Virgo). But our karmic lessons, the nature of our karma, the people we have it with, all fall in the 3rd house, Gemini, and Mercury. Someday I’ll have to write a book about sign and house energetic resonances and the karmic nature of Mercury.

In Gemini Mercury is going to clash with Saturn, while cozying up to the other planets but don’t be fooled, I think this is more like ‘pickpocket’ energy, where one person distracts you while someone else takes your wallet. Mercury earns his reputation as a trickster and in addition to Saturn’s clash, there will be one with Pluto too. On one hand, this may impact you if you are using too much of your energy to resolve karma by being too ‘nice’. On the other hand, those who are engaging in karma creating activities may find themselves on the receiving end of their activities. It is definitely boomerang time, where the energy you put out comes back at you, make sure you are sending out something you want to receive.

And we have to remember that we still have the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square, which is being activated again with the current Saturn retrograde, as well as the Saturn/Chiron square, another tough transit that continues throughout the year. The Uranus/Eris conjunct is still active and being touched off this month by beneficial transits but that just means that the blast won’t be quite as loud or hit quite as hard (depending on what someone has been doing) – this is an explosive transit that packs quite a punch. Eris represents the soul warrior seeking retribution and is named after the goddess of discord but this is not intentionally creating chaos, it’s a process of righting the wrongs, taking back power that has been abused, and creating a level playing field.

June’s theme or keyword is truth and that means a lot of things. First, it means the truth of your own agenda, what you want from people and why you do what you do with, for, and to them. Are you seeking validation and approval? How is that aligned with the truth of who you are or want to be?

Then it means the truth we want to believe or have present in the world versus what we see in the world, which is another form of truth. This is about the collective truth, what we live with in the world. With so many kinds of truth, how do we know what is ‘true’? It’s all true because, in an unlimited universe where everything is true, there can be no lie. Everything is ‘a truth’ we have to decide what we want to have as ‘the truth’ for ourselves.

Truth is a touchy issue because everyone has their own truth. The best way to use this month’s ‘truth’ theme is to decide what we want to have as our truth in our lives, to get very clear and focused on that truth, and not let anything distract us from it. Expand the energy for the truth you want to have in your life so you receive more and more of it as well as people and situations that resonate with that truth.

If we all agree that peace is our individual truth, then can expand to become our collective truth and war will go away.

If we all agree that respect is our individual truth, then it can expand to become our collective truth and disrespect will go away.

If we believe that energetic sovereignty is our individual truth then it can expand to become our collective truth and control, domination, and manipulation will go away.

Everyone does not have to agree with your truth for it to be true. But when many people hold the same truth, it becomes part of the collective truth. And in the face of that truth, when it is held by many people, everything that is not aligned with it cannot co-exist with it.

We are transcending into ascension, it is not a big leap across the canyon of fear and confusion into the ‘promised land’. It’s a process of moving across the 4D bridge and the farther we go across it, the more we distance ourselves from pure 3D the less we can find in common with it – that’s why so many of our relationships are ending now.

To best use June’s energy,  we can decide what we want to be true for us, gather our truth around us and expand that energy into the world. This requires shining brightly – no more dimming our lights. It also requires that we stop looking for agreement from others for what we want to be and start shining that light for ourselves. Shine on! is our mantra and love, peace, joy, and prosperity for all is our battle cry. While it may not be all smooth sailing this month, we have control of the rudder and the sails, so the ship will take us to wherever we want to go. Have a fantastic month.

Jennifer Hoffman

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