donderdag 6 april 2017


We've had major downloads and upgrades since the 1st. Gamma, photon, star particle, diamond frequencies, all permeate through the cells, DNA, old programs, old emotional wounds, timeline shifts and collapses of these old programs. Each time major shifts come in it creates more heart expansion, more love connected to the higher heart, the pineal and the crown (higher self). All things keep surfacing that one keeps trying to bury and numb inside... until one is willing to feel, heal, release, forgive, let go.

As your heart continues to expand further, and your connection to All That Is is shown and felt, you become more in tune, intuitive, more energy sensitive than you ever were before. It becomes difficult to be around those who still dwell in 3D density and matrix programming with their hearts closed and emotionally shut off from everything and everyone. It hurts one's heart who is wide open and who sees and feels the connection to all that is. These people will continue to try and trigger you back into 3D, testing your unconditional love. When this occurs don't let it snap you back. It is one's job to mirror back what is being shown and felt. Understand the projection is theirs not yours.

Physical Symptoms:

Leg, feet cramping
Spontaneous tears
Heart flutters
Pineal activation/throbbing
Headaches/body aches
High pitched ear ringing (downloads)
Body vibrations (kundalini rising)
Acid reflux
Past Life Time healing
Highly disrupted sleep patterns
Loss of time, no longer caring about linear time, sometimes forget or can't keep track of what day it is or date for that matter.
Appetite changes and fluctuations between starving and no appetite.
Blurry vision/vivid vision seeing things more brightly and seeing the energy field around all living things.
Rashes as the body clears emotional wounds and toxins through the skin.
Seeing the bigger picture and how you fit into it
Shifting from service to self to service to others.
Feeling like you can't do enough, then can't do anything as the mind and body go offline to integrate downloads and upgrades.
Understanding through your higher self without the ego.
Able to easily let things go that would previously bother you.
A change from control based to spontaneous and go with the flow.
Understanding the Universal Laws and how to use them for your highest good.
Allowing Synchronicities to guide you on your path and journey.
Elevated intuition and psychic abilities.
Understanding energy and learning to interpret it and heal with it with your body as the conduit.
Understanding how self love and self care must come first before anything else or you will become drained very quickly. (Honoring oneself).
Setting clear boundaries with those who overstep.
Removing oneself from drama and those who thrive on creating it.
Becoming one's authentic self and showing that self to the world.
Ultimately understanding that the Christ Consciousness dwells within you through the Merkaba, and by harnessing your chi and life force Energy to stay within the body you are shown alchemy, instant manifestation, healing.

Understanding that it is very important to not obtain any more karma in this lifetime. To clear it all in this lifetime.

Taking one's power back instead of giving it away.
The shifts will continue, as it is a continual​ process that takes us higher and higher in frequency and vibration while in this physical body. To see mutli dimensional realms and realities and understand the beings that reside in each. To no longer waste your valuable energy where it is not needed. To love and accept not only yourself, but everyone else as we are all connected through the grid.

Whichever frequency you now carry and emit is the new reality you will experience. As your frequency keeps increasing new realities come forth as a match with many different lifestyle changes. People, where you choose to live, the job you choose to do. For you are no longer the same person dwelling in that lower frequency anymore. In 5D and higher all is magical bliss, and it's very important to surround yourself with like minded souls when you get here. When you shine your own light, your tribe will find you. Wishing you many magical blessings to co-create your here and now for your highest good and the highest good of Gaia. My heart is bursting wide open with love today! If you need some take it!

I love you all and appreciate you for being you. You are amazing beautiful souls. Thank you for being here with me on this Magical journey.

Love, Tiffany~ 

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