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Special Message to the Volunteer Souls By Judith Kusel

Special Message to the Volunteer Souls

By Judith Kusel 
Starseeds, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Sun Children of all ages….

At this moment in time
which is Earth-time
– Not cosmic time,
all the souls that were
once involved or incarnated
in Elysium, the Lion Kingdom
Avalon, Lemuria and Atlantis
and all the subsequent
colonies of such,
have incarnated.
A few opted not to
incarnate, but to
assist those who
are incarnated now,
and are on-call at
all times for extra guidance
and wisdom.
It is a crucial time
in the development
of psyche.

Remembering that the greatest
moment is,
when the duality within all
is perfectly balanced –
in that moment of
the Divine Spark
or Breath
It is very important
at this moment in time
not to be attached to
that is to all things
that are VISIBLE
to the eye and the senses
of all human beings.
This brings to mind
materialism in all
its forms
as well as the physical body –
but to remember
and that what seems
solid and real
is actually merely
particles floating
around to create
the illusion of solid-ness.
When all is falling apart at the seams
it is difficult to detach
the soul from the
projected all around it.
It is crucial then
to find time
to be silent and
to ask yourself:
True guidance will lead the
soul back to its Divine Origin
and its Source.
It will always be with great
compassion and kindness,
with immense love and
wisdom that surpasses
all understanding.
One must remember, that
those, like you, who are
volunteer souls, will feel
intensely more the pain
and suffering of all those
around you,
more so than the ones
who have always opted
to incarnate time and
time again
on this earth.
You come from a place
of perfection,
where there is no lack
or scarcity,
where all is abundance
and all are as ONE.
Is it then any wonder
that you sometimes feel
as if you simply cannot
understand this planet,
nor the reasoning behind
all the suffering and pain?
You also have great difficulty
in understanding
why resources are not
nor why people have
the great urge to kill
one another.
It is not because your heart
does not feel compassion,
empathy or understanding..
It is because you feel so
deeply and because you
read people’s inner being,
their soul at a glance.
You have a gaze that goes to
the very core soul and
reads it – this stems from
your innate nature, which
is also connected to the
Soul Records, to which
your soul has access at all
You were here at the very beginning
when the earth was in the state
of being created.
You have seen her through
all her phases,
and you now see her in
at the worst state
she has ever been in….
Is it then a wonder that
your heart bleeds?
You feel the Earth’s Mother’s pain
in a myriad ways – and this
makes it a heavy burden to
since you know how much
she is suffering.
Yet, remember at these times,
and this is a great moment
in time,
when the cleansing of souls
is of vital importance.
The greatest cleanser
is fire,
and within this most
souls are in the process
of being cleansed.
You came in to help with the
to help souls to make the
from a material body
to a light-body,
and to help those stuck
in the dense-ness
and illusion of materialism
to see through the
illusion of their own making.
With this comes the
anchoring of the Highest
frequencies, vibrations, and rays.
It is the creation now of wholeness
in the midst of total decay….
Volunteer souls were not picked
because they were shrinking violets,
but because of their innate
strength, their ability to stand
their ground and wield their
swords when the going gets tough!
This planet is not for faint-hearted,
it is for the strong!
Copyright Judith Kusel
Judith Kusel

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