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Blog 24*02*2020: WHERE ARE OUR MEMORIES?

Our memory is fading away in this ascension process.
Why is that?
Here's part of the explanation.

Until this day scientists haven't figured out where exactly in our brain our memories are stored.
The reason why is because the memories are not there. 
Memories are not in the brain. 

 Our brain does not work like a memory stick, it works like a receiver. 
Compare it to a radio: a radio has an antenna and functions through invisible signals in the ether.
Our body is an antenna and our brain is a receiver that picks up energies.
It then translates these energies into form.
Different energies give different forms.
Matter of speaking and literally.
Think of the different types of brain waves such as alpha, beta, gamma,...
The quieter the mind, the higher the information we receive.

At this moment the energies on Planet Earth are higher than they've ever been. 
For that reason the receiver, our brain, is able to pick up higher information.
On one condition: we need to be in peace and at peace. 
In peace: chill. Hence the importance of relaxing in any which way you choose.
At peace: with the past. Hence the importance of shadow-work, where we got rid of pain and trauma.

All that shadow work we did in the past is now paying off by losing our memory. 
I know it sounds silly but it is exactly what's going on.
None of the low-vibe stuff can come with us to the higher dimensions, hence we're losing those memories because there is no more energy attached to it.

As a side-effect that is also why people fade away in our lives: our energy repels their energy. 
It's like those wooden trains with magnets I had as a kid: if they don't attract, they repel. 
People who are stuck in trauma and pain are an an energetic mis-match.
Same goes for our old "painful" memories, they are no longer a match for our higher state of consciousness so they fade away.
It' s not good or bad, it just is.

Also, our focus has shifted. 
What you focus on expands, what you don't focus on fades away.
Focus on love, peace, happiness,... and it expands.

Last but not least, during this Ascension process we are also receiving many downloads and upgrades.
Our physical body is adjusting, so is our brain. 
It is functioning differently or better said it is now an assistant to the wisdom of the heart.
This is a new and different role where the brain moves to the background.
In the background there is less room for memories for the simple reason we don't need them anymore.
And after all, aren't memories in the heart?

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