maandag 24 februari 2020

Here's to all the courageous women ~ Judith Kusel

Here's to all the courageous women, who walked the sacred path - through all ages, and so often had to pay the highest price.

Let us now shed the shackles, the bonds, and all which was before, for the Divine Feminine has now returned in the Fullness of her Goddesshood, her Glorious Infinite Being!

We need to dig ever deeper into ourselves, to that all the old trauma, the old pain of so many lifetimes of persecution, or not being able to give voice to what was inside, the infinite pain of often being sold to the highest bidder, and so often just used and abused in so many ways.

We were the ones who so often were left, after wars and destruction to nurture new life and new beginnings into being. We were the ones who often had nowhere to turn to, and yet kept the faith, and walked that path of faith, holding onto the Divine with all that we had.

We sacrificed so much - and yet somehow we managed to carry the light, even when silently doing so.

A New Era, a new life is dawning and so many of us, took vows of yore, when the Divine Feminine withdrew, that we would incarnate at this time, and we would be the Harbingers, the ones who would show the way, and create the New Golden Age.

We are the Seers, the Sages, the Wisdom Keepers, the Sacred Chalice Holders, the Sisterhood of the Rose, the Serpent and the Grail.

We connect deeply with the Soul of the Divine, the Soul of the Earth, the Soul of the collective Humankind, and the Soul of all living creatures and beings on earth and beyond.
Our intuitive knowing, our inner hearing, our inner sight, is what they feared most - and now we are ready to step into the fullness of those powers, and use them wisely and with great love.

We are not militant. We are not out there screaming to the rooftops and begging attention. No!
We are out there doing the work, step by step, working on our inner soul selves, and in so doing, as we progress soulfully, we are soulfully sending ripple effects into the world.

We do not need titles and positions, to make us who we are: - we are simply and honestly our own beautiful soul selves, and know that we are not in competition with anyone.
We are the New Age, already born within ourselves in the deepest and most profound sense.

We are the ones who will carry humanity into the Higher Dimensions, for we have been trained for this task over so many lifetimes, and we are here to complete the work.
We serve from our hearts and the depths of our souls, and our highest prayer is to be of highest service with great love, in all and every way.

We live from our soul, and soul-fully and what does not speak to our highest soul self, we simply will not follow nor allow into our lives, nor live it.
Thank you for being here with me at this time.

I salute the courageous and loving soul in you, for we know that the Power of Love, is the greatest of all Powers, and the only way to live.

And I thank all the courageous and brave, open-hearted men who have always been there for us through many lifetimes, and now are stepping to the fore, to serve there alongside us.

Judith Kusel

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