woensdag 26 februari 2020

ENERGY UPDATE ~ Astrea Kai-Ben Gaia


It seems since our uplevelling on 20 02 2020 weve been going through chakra upgrades which has made us very tired slow moving and sluggish.. (since new dark moon = reset button).. ive noticed it each day.. so have listed as below:

Root chakra = 23rd Feb
Sacral chakra = 24th feb
Solar plexus = 25th
Heart Chakras = 26th feb
Throat chakra = 27th Feb
Third eye chakra = 28th Feb
Crown chakra = 29th Feb

All the chakras pair up in figure 8's so we experience symptoms in both:
Root & Crown
Sacral & Third Eye
Solar plexus & Throat
Heart & High Heart

The Lower 4 chakras are always the most uncomfortable due to the 'problem areas' and the top 4 chakra upgrades shouldnt feel as bad ..

1st March should be much better!! (Heres hoping) - on 6th March is the end of the mayan "Galactic Hawk Moon Cycle". So 7th March is new energy assuming

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