zaterdag 22 februari 2020

Blog 22*02*2020: New moon in .... Aquarius

Please check the graph below and see where the Moon and Sun are: right, in Aquarius not in Pisces.

How is that possible? Because I use sidereal astrology.
Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? Sidereal.
As strange as this may sound: sidereal astrology uses the actual location of the planets and stars.

They use what? The ACTUAL location of the stars and planets. 
Yes, I know this sounds weird.

Hang on... so what does 'regular' astrology use? Not the actual location? 

Sidereal astrology takes into account the tilting of the Earth axes. As a result, sidereal astrology tells you what is actually happening in the sky. 

Take a telescope and look at where the Moon is now. It is in Aquarius. 
Not in Pisces as regular astrology claims. It's based on old data. It used to be correct a few thousands of years ago but as time passes changes take place.

Hang on, what else does that mean?
Well for example the famous Pluto-Saturn conjunction is in Sagittarius, not in Capricorn.
That's why everything is changing so rapidly right now and on different fronts. On day it's a storm, next day there's flooding, the following day a politician breaks down, the next day a building collapses.
It's all part of a Divine Plane yet it's in Sagittarius not in Capricorn. 

What else is different in sidereal astrology? There's a 13th sign called the Snake Bearer or Ophiuchus.
To me that's the perfect circle. Just like there are 13 moons and there were 13 apostles (12 men + Mary Magdalen), there are 13 zodiac signs. The Sun passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus aka the Snake Bearer each year at the end of November until mid-December and therefor there are 13 signs.

Wait, wait, wait.... are you now saying there are 13 signs? 
I sure am.
The twelve we know + Ophiuchus.

Ok what else? Your birth sign is probably different.
Stop, that's enough buddy, you're nuts!
I'm only telling you that's what the sky looked like when you were born: it's probably a different sign.
If you're a Cancer, you're probably a Gemini. If you're an Aquarius you're probably a Capricorn. And so on.

It also changes the houses and the signs of the houses. 
It's not a complete revolution of your birth chart, it's details. 
Details that matter.

When I discovered sidereal astrology a few years ago I found it to be more accurate for me. 
Regular astrology was: hmm yes, ok. 
Sidereal is: bingo!

My clients say the same thing, it is extremely accurate.

If you're interested in sidereal astrology, feel free to book a reading via my page:

Meanwhile enjoy the New Moon in Aquarius wherever you are on this Planet.
If you want to see how this Moon affects you, check where 7 degrees Aquarius falls in your birth chart. The house where 7 degrees Aquarius is, tells you where this Moon plays out for you.
Example: In the picture below it's the 7th house of relationships.

Bron: On Sunday at 16:31 in the afternoon (UTC + 1)

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