vrijdag 31 juli 2020

Soul Reading Done by me ~ Judith Kusel

"Interestingly, your question indicates exactly that deep down your own soul memory banks were triggered for you do have the ability to tap into the Super Consciousness Energy fields too. 

For indeed all of Creation is One single Vast Energy field and all which ever has been created, in whatever form is housed within this field. Scientists know about this energy field, but refer to it as Quantum Energy Fields, or the Super Quantum. 

You may find that Planck’s equations tried to formulate this in mathematical formula. It is one and the same.
This Energy Field is indeed, intelligent and it acts much like the hard drive of your computer. Whatever you create on your computer, is stored there in information. 

The same with the Divine Energy Fields: there is nothing under the Great Central Suns which ever has been and is created, which is not energetically recorded and stored in the Vast Super Consciousness Energy Fields. However the Super Conscious Energy Field goes in OCTAVES of stored knowledge, for it is a huge spiral, and every tier reflects a part of the octaves of creation!

Note that these huge energy fields are not the Akashic Records as referred to – these Akashic Records are the PLANETARY Records which are recorded in the Conscious Energy fields in and around the planet earth. Then you get to the Solar Akashic Records which deal with this Solar System.

Yet, all the Solar Systems Akashic Records are stored in the Duo-Consciousness Energy Fields of the Milky Way Galaxy, which in turn in switched into the Super Consciousness Energy Field of the Universal Ultra Consciousness Energy Fields and then the Omni-versal Energy Fields as held within the Divine Source. 

Note that are many Universes this planet has never heard of and thus the tiers of Creation!

Copyright Applies: excerpt from a Soul Reading Done by me.

Judith Kusel

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