donderdag 9 januari 2020

Tomorrow is the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. ~ Celia Fenn

Tomorrow is the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer.

I expect that this energy will be soft and beautiful and will be felt like a flower unfurling its petals.

It is a good time to simply focus on Grace and Harmony and allow the rest to just wash over you and disappear.

If you can be in this frame of mind today it will only increase tomorrow.
Focus into your heart whenever you have a moment and just feel the Beauty and the Love of the Divine Feminine, as Mary Magdalene or Mother Mary or Qwan Yin, or whichever Divine Feminine energy feels closest to you.

From Archangel Michael:
The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse are in Cancer, which brings in the beautiful energy of the Divine Feminine. The Goddess initiates her codes and plans her seeds so that the incoming conjunction will support the very deep shifts that are still to come. This Cancer energy also links you back to the period just before the Galactic New Year in 2019 (July 2019) and forward to the 2020/2021 Galactic New Year (July 2020). The Divine Feminine is on hand to flow her beautiful and creative essence to support the deep changes that are being initiated at this moment at the beginning of the third decade.

This Lunar Eclipse will be visible, as it lays its shadow and seeds its codes for the New Masculine/Feminine Sacred Union over Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, and touches on North America and South America.

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